DIFL pits grassroots players against eSports elite

The Digital Football League is unlike any other in Australia in that it pits everyday FIFA players against pro FIFA gamers from around the country. 

On June 25, both the PS4 and Xbox One brackets of the Central Coast Mariners FIFA Ultimate Team Pro-Am tournament kicked off with the opening results of the Playstation bracket drawing a match-up between one of the newcomers in the DIFL, Mr_Kap_ of Finesse Kings, against e-league royalty in the form of xMarkoHD from Sydney FC in the upcoming Round of 16. 

After a forfeit by his opponent in the opening round saw him sneak through to the glamour clash, rather than bemoan his luck, ‘Mr_Kap_’cannot wait to try his wares against one of Australia’s FIFA elite. 

“It’s good, I’ve never versed anyone of his level,” Mr_Kap_ said. 

“Obviously I’ve played top 100 players but not xMarkoHD level so I’m pretty excited to be versing someone that good. 

“I went into the competition not thinking I’d have much of a chance but hoping instead that I could get matched up against good people.” 

With just two wins away from a seat at our live event on July 16 in Sydney, the relative unknown rates himself a chance with eight years of experience in FIFA Ultimate Team behind him. 

“I’ve been playing FIFA Ultimate Team since 2010, so I’m pretty good,” he said. 

“I’ve still got all my untradeable TOTS players, but I sold most of my team for the World Cup mode although I usually rank Elite 3, Elite 2.” 

4-2-3-1 has been the bread and butter of many FIFA players in competition this year, setting the meta as a strong and reliable formation, something that Mr_Kap_ acknowledges. 

But he’s not afraid to shake up the status quo if needs be either. 

“I usually like to start with a 4-2-3-1 defensive, and then if I need to chase I goal, I’ll go to like a three at the back,” he said. 

Should one of the spoils of the inaugural tournament arise this weekend, just how far does Mr_Kap_ believe that he can go? 

“Well, If I manage to pull it off (beat xMarkoHD), then that gives me the confidence to beat anyone,” he said. 

“I’m taking this fully seriously.” 


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