FUTWiz Jamie's live event intent

Jamie ‘FUTWIZ Jamie’ O’Doherty is one of the big names in the Central Coast Mariners FIFA Ultimate Team Pro-Am tournament with the Xbox One star one of the favourites to make it to the July 16 live event in Sydney.

Having played in the e-League earlier this season, O’Doherty has nothing but praise for the DIFL and its unique concept of pitting grassroots players against the nations best FIFA players.

“There’s not many FIFA competitions going around online in Australia, it’s good to see that it’s getting people involved who normally don’t get a chance to be involved in these sort of tournaments,” O’Doherty said.

“You see most of the big names getting a bye in the first round, but there are names to look out for at the same time.”

Earning himself a bye in the first round with a number of other e-League players, O’Doherty definitely feels as though he’s one of the big names in the tournament.

“Yeah of course, you’ve got to say that,” he said.

“It’s a name, but you’ve got to live up to it, and… we’ll see.”

The Adelaide United e-League representative’s first hurdle will be against ‘StridentCorn90’ who dispatched of opponents SeaTreaders in the opening round, despite knowing little about his opponent.

“To be honest I haven’t researched him,”O’Doherty said.

“I usually do a little bit of research on my opponent, but not too much, I prefer to focus on myself and the way I play to be honest and the rest will take care of itself.”

O’Doherty is pulling no punches either about his intentions going forward in the Pro-Am tournament, with a top four finish in the online stages firmly on his mind.

“That’s the goal,” he said.

“I see myself as someone that’s confident to perform in front of cameras, as long as I make it to that live final, it’s a success for me.

“I think at times playing online there are other difficulties, maybe not having the best team as other people, some people may prefer playing in the comfort of their own room, where I prefer to be there live in the flesh against the person.”

“It’s my goal to make that top four, and then followed by the live event, I back myself to take it out,” he said.

For those who did catch O’Doherty in the e-League this season, he was well known for the passion he brought to the arena on matchdays, something he hopes to utilise to his advantage in the competition.

“I see myself as a confident person and I’m very passionate when it comes to playing FIFA,” he added.

“IF I score a goal live, I’ll let an opponent know about it, give it a bit of a fist pump, sometimes it might put them off their game.”

“Like I say, when you play online it doesn’t have the same effect, and that’s something I’ve got over other competitors.”

Should O’Doherty get over the line against ‘StridentCorn90’ this weekend, he’ll be up against a familiar face in the quarter final – either FUTZ3US or Baldo, who both cleared their Round of 32 matches with two straight wins.

“I have matched up against both Zeus and Baldo before, I think they’re two big names in the community.” he said.

“Baldo, I believe, just missed out narrowly on representing the Mariners in the e-League, so he’s always going to be a tough opponent.

“Same with Zeus, although he might not be involved with the e-League, he’s still one of the many great FIFA players out there, although I fancy my chances of making that top four.”

With a blend of the unknown and familiar competitors on offer in the competition, O’Doherty urged anyone out there with an interest in playing FIFA competitively to enter further DIFL tournaments going forward.

“There aren’t competitions like this that occur all the time in the FIFA community, so if you see yourself as an aspiring FIFA competitor that wants to take on the best, so to speak, this is the perfect opportunity to show what your about and hopefully win some money in the process,” he said.

Jamie ‘FUTWIZ’ O’Doherty intends to stream his Round of 16 clash with StridentCorn90 at 4.30 ACST/5pm AEST live on www.twitch.tv/futwiz_jamie. May change due to availability.


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