FIFA 18 - The three new players to get on the list of "Ones to Watch" cards !

Philippe Coutinho, Alexis Sanchez, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have been featured on EA Sports's new Ones to Watch cards. FIFA is the best-selling football game in the world and one of the factors contributing to this is the Ultimate Team (FUT).

Started from FIFA 2009 till now, Ultimate Team is an online exchange mode. Gamers can build teams with players from all over the world, from every tournament in FIFA. They can then compete to climb from Division 10 to First Division. 

As of FIFA 18, EA Sports has released new cards titled "Ones to Watch" in FUT mode. This card will automatically update the player's stats on a weekly basis. These cards are for high-quality players and who are under the 30s. With the recent transfer saga in the real life, EA Sports has created the card "Ones to Watch" for the three stars Coutinho, Sanchez, and Mkhitaryan.

Alexis Sanchez had been in negotiations with Manchester City before leaving Arsenal, but he has now signed a contract with Manchester United since Pep Guardiola has backed out of the deal. In the transfer deal, the red devils have swapped Henrikh Mkhitaryan to the gunners. Philippe Coutinho has been under the spotlight for a long time. However, in the winter transfer window, Barcelona paid a huge amount, £142 million to Liverpool. So that the Catalans did not miss the chance in the first month of the new year to reinforce their ranks. Each of them received a new FUT card naturally. These three players will be constantly updated during the season. For example, if you have one in your team and the player is added to the Team of the Week, this update will be provided by the Ones to Watch card.

According to EA Sports original tweet, they are the "first three" players who have received this upgrade during the winter transfer window so we can expect more in the coming days. There are a number of big clubs around the transfer rumours, so in early February some very interesting cards can be sent to FUT. 20 

The first three players of the FIFA 18 Ones to Watch Winter Edition are already well known: Alexis Sanchez, Philippe Coutinho, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Meanwhile a few hours ago, EA Sports has revealed that the other 20 will be announced shortly. Though the exact time for the official release of the new stars in the spotlight has not been announced yet by EA Sports. 

However, according to the FIFA community website, the black special cards are expected to be available in early February and for the following period: From Friday, the 02.02.18 at 19 o'clock until Friday, the 09.02.18 at 19 o'clock. During this week, the OTW cards replace the standard cards of each player. That means you can easily draw the stars in the spotlight out of a card pack. This happens to be a much faster and cheaper way to get these 23 players in your FUT Team!

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Keep playing!

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