FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - Team of the Year – Review!

EA Sports has announced the first FIFA 18 Team of the Year players. Just like every year, the three strikers of TOTY and their names are revealed first in the lineup:

• Cristiano Ronaldo - with a rating of 99.

• Lionel Messi - with a rating of 98.

• Harry Kane - with a rating of 96.

Strikers - Ronaldo, Messi, and Kane have prevailed against twelve other nominees, including Robert Lewandowski, Luis Suarez, and Neymar, the most expensive player in the world. The fact that Lionel Messi and CR7 made it into the team of the year, surprised little, after all, the two strikers duel each year for the title of world footballer.

Harry Kane is more of a surprise when you look at the competition among the 15 nominated strikers for the Team of the Year. However, the Tottenham Hotspurs player has already made two Team of the Week and two Player of the Month appearances in the current FUT season.

Midfielders - After meeting the three strikers who will be in the best FIFA Ultimate team of the year, the midfielders are next. In the case of midfielders, Modric (Real Madrid), De Bruyne (Manchester City) and Kanté (Chelsea) are the three most voted players to shape this middle core in the dream TOTY. Modric arrives with a 96-card average along with the pass statistics of 99, though dribbling is another of his priorities (96). The Real Madrid player raises the average stats; thanks to his good defensive skills. De Bruyne is clearly an offensive/attacking player and that shows with his 98 shooting and his 96 dribbling. Kanté, on the other hand, fulfils the requirements in this TOTY of a player who can close down others; as he is near perfect in Defense, Physical and Rhythm.

Defenders - Sergio Ramos proved to be the usual defensive pillar of Real Madrid. Despite sometimes his unprofessional attitude, the Spaniard still remains the strongest central defenders in the world today. To underline this - the speed, 86, and physical strength, 93, a combination of athleticism and physical prowess makes Ramos an immovable object. The Blancos right-back, Marcelo was the part of an extraordinary 2017 season, which led him to the second consecutive Champions League medal. Marcelo is a true Brazilian that prefers the offensive side of the defence, in which he has always suffered a bit in his career. Dani Alves TOTY card is the least competitive among those published this year. At first glance, the values seem to sit well, but in reality, a player with this price and this calibre could/should offer much more. Above all, the values of physical strength (80!) and the defensive values (88) are unacceptable for a TOTY card that is specifically aimed at the competitive world. Leonardo Bonucci is the last player in the team playing as the defender. The 30-year-old Italian player was one the reasons why Juventus made it to the UCL finals. Although the current performance of Bonucci isn’t satisfactory, he can be a crucial pick with his excellent physical and defensive skills (96 and 97, respectively).

Goalkeeper - David De Gea, the Spanish goalkeeper of Manchester United, has been chosen to defend the goal. He surpassed the goalkeepers of Juventus - Gianluigi Buffon, and Tottenham Hotspurs - Hugo Lloris.

All in all, the FUT18 TOTY is certainly as many would have expected - with a few surprises in the mix. As always the team here at the Digital Football League would love to hear your thoughts on the TOTY and of course anything eSports, eFootball and Digital Football League related.

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Keep Gaming!

The DiFL Team


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