Digital Football League to organise regular FIFA 18 tournaments for the global community!

FIFA17 was developed and published by EA Sports and this was the first FIFA series of games that were developed using the Frostbite Engine. In a time period of one year, there were approximately 42 tournaments hosted in the competitive world of FIFA where round about $1,462,329.99 was awarded in winnings.

FUT Championship 2017 had over 5 million players last year. Only 32 players made it to the big stage and fought for the right of becoming the best player in the world. Along with the glory, they competed for US $400,000 cash prize.

Chevry "RocKy" Corentin won $160,000.00 and became the 2nd richest player in the world of competitive world of FIFA as his total earnings rocketed to $173,000.00. While the richest player in the world who has total earnings of $250,000.00 finished the championship at third place and took home $30,000.00.

FIFA18 has conquered the gaming world like a wildfire. With more and more enthusiastic gamers alike, the stunning viewers also contribute to the thriving industry's development. The teams are increasingly trying to justify the best players and participate in bigger tournaments. Top football clubs are currently negotiating contracts with the best players in the world. To name a few currently Chelsea and Manchester City are trying to work out deals. This scene is not only contributing to the development of professional players but also setting up a strong frontier for FIFA in the eSports industry.

FIFA 18 has surely caused a riot in the professional world of gaming and will surely surpass its parent title in winnings. The current FIFA has quality gameplay and has several editions to choose from according to the players liking. The title has “The Journey” mode where players can qualify for the world cup in offline modes. The online servers have also been revolutionized for the game so it is set to cause a storm in the year of 2018. In FIFA 18, the most recent competition was Falkon 2017 which was held in December in Poland and had a prize pool of 1,780z? ($486.84 USD).

Currently, the biggest competition of FIFA 18 will be the EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series. The event will be held at the end of March in Budapest, where, with a prize pool of €100,000, the two best players will qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Championship Playoffs.  

If you are a FIFA 18 enthusiast/fan/player then you should definitely sign up at digitalfootballleague.com and compete against some of the best players in the industry. The tournament will be starting from February 18 and has a prize pool of $1,000 USD. Being the dedicated platform of E-Football, we want to pave the way for the future eFootball within the global eSports industry.

FIFA 18 will surely set high benchmarks and is seen by many as the future of the eSports industry. Esports is currently on its way to becoming a billion-dollar industry and FIFA is certainly set to play a big part in this growth. 

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