Digital Sporting Group Instructions: Start your esports career here

Welcome to Digital Football League.

If you are new to the site, or to E-Football, this is the place to start.

  1. Register
  2. Pick a competition
  3. Play

1. Register

Click the link above and register yourself as a player.  If you are going to be playing in PS4 competitions, dont forget to add you PSN ID.  Similarly, if you are playing via XBOX Live, enter your gamer tag.  That way other players will be able to recognise you to join or add to matches.  It also helps us to identify you so we can send you winnings!

2. Pick a Competition


Leagues are a round robin style of competition.  You play everyone else in the league once, then finalists are established.


A single elimination style competition.  Win to progress, lose and your out!

Divisions Explained

In order for us to make the competitions fair, we offer 3 different divisions for play.

Division 2

If you are new to esports, best to put yourself in this division.  Small prizes will be available.

Division 1

This is where the bulk of the magic will happen.  More prize money and a wider range of competitive experiences.  This division will require a small monthly subscription - in order for us to keep the lights turned on.  Then an array of members only and pay to play competitions will become available.  As we get sponsors the amount of competitions will increase.

Pro League - Coming Soon

After we run a number of leagues and tournaments - the cream will start to rise to the top.  The top teams will be invited to join the Pro League.  This will be esports at its finest.

3. Play

Set up an online lobby within the game and friend your opponent.  Then invite them to the game and play.

The winner posts the scores once the game is over - then we do the rest.  Your next match and/or winnings will be sent to you.

The losing team has an opportunity of 5 mins to appeal the score.  However they must have solid evidence for the result to be changed.  Appeals are to be sent through the "Support" section of the site.

Each Competition will have its own set of rules.  

There are also site wide rules here and Anticheat Policy Here