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Digital Football League: E-Football for Everyone

"At the Digital Football League, we want to bring the passion of football and the excitement of e-sports together; this is the future of global sports entertainment!'

We started this site up to merge two of our loves. Football and Gaming. We had a look at E-sports and saw that it was a bit all over the shop for the average FIFA or PES player. Where do I start? How do I make money? How do I become full time PRO?

So instead of trying to offer Esports for every competitive game out there, we decided instead to try to give the best competitive football gaming experience.

We want to focus on a handful of football titles, but explore different ways to compete: 1V1, 2V2, 4V4, 11V11. Club teams or player created teams. Region versus region, country versus country - you get the picture.

So we're going to try a few different ideas and see what you (and us), the fans, want.

The competitions will be split into 3 Divisions:

Division 3: For the novice of competitive gaming. Come in and try out. You never know unless you have a go. The more you play, the more you will improve - to take the leap to division 2.

Division 2: For the more serious E-Footballer, with more serious prize money up for grabs. Start to make some money out of your gaming. We will ask for a modest subscription plus entry fees to build the prize pools and help us stay afloat. As the Division 2 players and teams progress - we will be able to start Division 1

Division 1: Coming Soon. Firstly we want to organically increase the size of the football gaming talent pool. As stand out teams/players rise to the top - they will be invited to join our PRO competition.

If you have any suggestions - feel free to contact us in the from right beside this.

Game fair, happy and well.

The Team @ Digital Football League

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